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Since the launch of in 2013, we've succesfully used affiliate programs to help us  spread the word about our business and how we can better advocate for dogs. Our past affiliates have enjoyed making  commissions and also making new friends in the process! You'll find that we're very generous, easy to work with and we absolutely  love collaborating. 

Like our actual business, our affiliate program is very small, so we're looking to partner with animal lovers who regularly use  social platforms (social media, blog, vlog, website, podcast, etc) and have strong engagement within those networks.  We pay a  competitive 10% commission on all completed orders made using your unique affilate link. 

Please read the following policies before signing up:

1. We ask that all affiliates share their links regularly

2. We do not tolerate discrimination of any kind (even against other types of dogs).

2. No hate speech, bullying, or shaming others. 

3. We are force-free training advocates who have taken a force-free pledge with the Pet Professional Guild, so we won't partner with anyone who uses/promotes (or promotes anyone who uses/promotes) aversive training tools* and/or techniques. Force-free, science-based training with the help of an accredited trainer creates safer, lower-stress animals.

*this includes using/promoting: prong, pinch, choke, slip or electronic stimulation collars. It also includes using/promoting tecnhniques that rely on intimidation, pain, physical/verbal force, harsh corrections, "flooding" or use of excesive "pressure" to modify behavior. 

(If you want to know more about the benefits of force free training and how to get started, please email We're always happy to help)!

4. As dog advocates, we stay away from perpetuating myths/stereotypes about breed/type (nanny dog, bait dog, etc) and we ask  this of all our partners. 

If this sounds right up your alley, we look forward to partnering with you! 
Thanks for signing up! 

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