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Welcome to the HealthyAndActive.com affiliate program. If you want to get paid to refer your followers and traffic to the best sex toys at the best prices, then you're in the right place. 

  Promotion is easy. Once you're registered you earn 20% of every sale that you send to us with ?aff=YourAffiliateID tacked onto the end. You can recommend sex toys, categories, or just drop them links to our home page with all of our latest sales.

  We pay once a month on accounts that have earned over a cumulative $100.
  Want your application approved? Please make it very clear in your application where you\'re sending your traffic from. We are glad to pay out affiliates who send us customers from their own sites, blogs, or social media. We will not approve or pay out to accounts who send us traffic through Google Ads, coupon sites, or any site that uses searches for our HealthyAndActive brand as its primary traffic source.