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The seed-sesh Affiliate Program is free to join. We offer a standard 10% commission on all seed sales completed successfully @  , this can rise to 20% commission when you increase your sales.

We operate a World-Wide Affiliate Program

All you are required to do is refer customers to with your personalized links and codes, they will then receive special offers and discounts. seed-sesh handles all payment processes, shipping and sales aftercare.

The commission is paid on or around the second week of each month for the previous month's sales. You must reach £75 commission to achieve your payout every month.

You will have the option to either create your own unique Coupon Code or we can generate one for you at random. Remember, this will be your discount code used by customers at

After your successful registration, you will have access to your control panel, here you will find all social media banners, links and codes to be successful.

Get started immediately after your application is approved. We usually review and approve applications on the same working day.