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Pawbassadors of Coco and Chili’s Dog Boutique

You will get a discount code to share with your followers and use yourself. (15% off to start except Clearance Rack)You will receive a percentage of all sales used with your code or link. (15% commission of the sale that used your code or link, not counting yourself

Products you bought with your own 15% off code: (will not work on clearance rack)

  • We need to be tagged

You will also have a special discount code (that is only used by current Pawbassadors) to be able to use the code you must be registered here: and wait for the admin to set it all up.

Products you bought with the special pawbassador code: 
  • All items purchased MUST be posted/promoted
  • Your post must have only products we sell in it
  • Only tag us and not the brand or another shop
  • This is important to us. We have dropped models who abused this
  • Your pawbassador-only code is for you and you alone but you can feel free to get as many items as you feel you can promote
Thank you for joining the team and look forward to working with you.