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Become a Savage Punks brand ambassador! 

Obsessed with all things Savage Punks?! Share the looks you love and make extra cash! (& yes you can use stock photos to share to your followers!) Here's how:
1. Fill out the registration to submit an application and wait for approval!
HINT: The coupon ID should be what you want to promote to your followers! (Example: TARA10 for 10% off! The number must be 10 at the end or it will automatically be added for you) If you receive an error message this means that code is already taken, try adding your last initial or using your last name instead! 
2. The ambassador code will automatically be created for you!
3. Share the code with all your followers, friends and family! The code will give them 10% off all purchases (before tax & shipping) on our website. 
4. You will receive a personal 10% commission on all purchases using your Rep code (before tax & shipping) Including your own!!
5. You just need a PayPal, Venmo or Cash App account to be paid! 

Questions? Send us an email at