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Terms of Use and Privacy Statement

Within this agreement, the influencer agrees to promote and sell Truelete products on social media. I agree to post on social media platforms 3-5 times per week and tag Truelete in the post. These post could be a story or a feed post. 

Nothing contained in this agreement shall be constructed to form any partnership, joint venture, agency, franchise, or employment relationship. Influcencer is considered a contractor and will receive a 1099- misc form for any amount above $600 earned for the tax year. Influencer is responsible for Influencer's local, state, and federal tax liability. No tax funds or other required payments such as social security or medicare will be withheld from the Influencer's fees. 

Influencer will be paid 7% of the point of sale excluding taxes and shipping fees for the first 50 orders. 50-300 orders influencer will be paid 10% commission. 301+ orders, influencer will be paid 15% commission per sale.

Influencer agrees to upload quality content when representing Truelete.  

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