Terms of Use and Privacy Statement

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  • Products that qualify for commissions are any mattresses.  Sheets, protectors, foundations, etc. are not included in this program.
  • Commissions will paid at negotiated percentage, which is based on the price the product was sold. Selling price excludes any taxes, shipping and recycling fees.
  • Commissions will be paid once a month, based on the previous months sales.
  • Any transaction or processing fees associated with payouts are the responsibility of the affiliate and not Custom Mattress Makers.
  • Although rare, cancellations, returns, fraudulent purchases and chargebacks do occur. They are a normal occurrence in today’s retail industry.
    • Returns/refunds of products are offered up to 100 days after the order is delivered.  *As a cancellation or refund will equate to a total loss of revenue, commissions would be debited from the affiliate account in the event one occurs.  Any refunded commission will be deducted from payouts owed to Affiliate during that month. If none are owed, the amount will be debited from the account.
    • Chargebacks or any fraudulent order will be cancelled and refunded the moment we’ve been made aware of the situation.
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