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Do you love Wad-Free® and think your network would love it as well as well? Let’s work together to spread the Wad-Free LOVE!

The Wad-Free affiliate program gives you the tools you need to easily share Wad-Free with your community and earn a commission from all the sales your referrals generate. You'll be paid for every visitor that makes a qualified purchase on wadfree.com from your personalized tracking link.
  • Earn a 6% commission on qualifying purchases (product cost, not including tax or shipping if a paid shipping option is chosen by the customer) at wadfree.com
  • 30 day cookie tracking for your referrals
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Everyone loves clean sheets, but washing them can be a nuisance. I invented Wad-Free to solve everyone's biggest laundry pet peeve...the dreaded bed sheet wad!

Wad-Free prevents sheets from tangling, twisting, and balling-up in both the washing machine and the dryer, so loads come out cleaner, the washer stays balanced, and sheets actually dry the first time…up to 75% faster!…with fewer wrinkles! Wad-Free saves a tremendous amount of time, money, and energy. Since the clothes dryer is the least efficient appliance in the household, the impact is significant! 

There has never been a solution to this wasteful and annoying problem, and the response has been phenomenal! 
Wad-Free was tested in the Good Housekeeping Institute Clean Lab and called "Genius” in Good Housekeeping Magazine. Wad-Free has also been featured in other prominent media such as Real Simple, Reader’s Digest, Southern Living, Today Show, Apartment Therapy, Newsweek, PureWow, HGTV, and more. 

I even closed a deal with Kevin O’Leary on ABC’s “Shark Tank” last season, joining his growing portfolio of sustainability products!

Wad-Free is very unique and highly giftable. Everyone loves being the person to share this laundry-life changer with their friends and family! Wad-Free makes great housewarming/hostess gifts, stocking stuffers, and has been popular on bridal registries. College students love that they can spend less time and money on laundry, and parents love that they can get the kids to bed on time! Seniors even love it so they don't have to wrestle with wet sheets anymore! Pretty much everyone needs a Wad-Free!

I am not setting any expectations on posting frequency; you know your followers best and I trust you know how to make this of interest to them. As for content, like everything, it's important to use Wad-Free correctly. There are how-to videos a troubleshooting video if needed. Please be certain you attach Wad-Free properly (see graphic for a common mistake), as well as recommended washing instructions (no high spin speed in the washer in particular). Also please note Wad-Free is NOT for use on sheets containing rayon (which goes by many names including bamboo, eucalyptus, modal, Tencel, Lycocell, and more). 

I may repost your content on my channels to boost views, tagging you of course; if you object please let me know and I will not repost.

I love partnering with folks who share my passion for making laundry day easier, faster, and more energy efficient, and look forward to working with you! Please let me know if you have any questions! 

Be well,

Cyndi Bray
Inventor of Wad-Free®