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Terms of Use and Privacy Statement

Surfdock Marketing Ltd Affiliate Programme Terms & Conditions

Paid Advertising / PPC
Affiliates are not permitted to use or any Surfdock URL in paid search listings. Affiliates are not permitted to bid on brand terms, product names or brands sold through This includes variations or misspellings.
Surfdock does not permit affiliates using these terms in any search string or display URL on any pay per click search engines.
To ensure that you do not appear for any search string that includes the Surfdock brand name, please make sure the following terms are negatively matched in all PPC campaigns
Affiliates found in breach of this may have their commission declined and may be suspended from the programme.
Cookie Dropping
Affiliates are not permitted to make use of cookie dropping. Any kind of doing so without a user having visited your site and clicked on a link/ad will lead to the suspension from the affiliate programme.
You will be paid on a monthly basis once your commission has reached a minimum value of €25. We will pay you by bank transfer. 
Our standard commission rate is 7% of the net sales price of the products purchased. Shipping and taxes are excluded. A sale will be attributed to you if it is placed within 30 days of a visitor being on your site.
We operate a 28 days returns policy. Therefore any payout will be made earliest 35 days after a purchase to avoid having to reduce future commissions should an order be cancelled.
We reserve the right to lower commission on individual products and aim to give affiliates 7 days notice of any changes to commission rates. 

Updates to the terms & conditions
In case of any updates to the terms and conditions we will give affiliates 7 days notice. 

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