Hygear Ambassador program

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Terms of Use and Privacy Statement

By joining our affiliate the program you agree to:

- Only use marketing materials agreed upon or

provided by Hygear

- Not make any claims or provide any information about 
Hygear that can not be found on our website or that we have
provided you with

- Not place 
Hygear on any site/social channel that is different than the ones you provided in your application
without written consent

Additionally, you agree to present proof of how you are promoting 
Hygear if asked to do so. If you do not provide this we

reserve the right to withhold funds.

Other traffic restrictions:

No incent

No rebroke

No pop traffic 

No adult traffic 

No Coreg

No survey

No search traffic

No retargeting

No SEM/ Media buy

Email/ SMS marketing - with prior approval of the text/creative

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