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Do you love tennis and living an active lifestyle?   

Have you always thought you are just a bit different from everyone else and you prefer to do things your own way? Well, we think that is about as amazing as amazing gets, and our ambassador program was created for people just like you.   

We want to build a big global community of people who share our values. We don’t care about your tennis level, your fitness level, where you live, or what gear you currently use. We want to surround ourselves with good people who share our goals, so we can keep making a positive difference in our own unique way.   

Becoming an ambassador means joining us on our journey and us joining yours. Here is a little bit about what the program means. 

Earn commission when someone uses your link or promo code to make a purchase on Punkt's website. How to promote Punkt Tennis is completely up to you! A few ways that you can promote Punkt and drive sales include:

  • Share through your social media accounts
  • Share on forums and groups, including your unique link
  • Send out a mass email to your email list and/or contacts, including your unique link and code
  • Promote on your website (if you have one)
  • Or good old fashion word of mouth!
  • Your application will be reviewed within 24 hours of submission. Once your account is approved you’ll receive a welcome email with a unique referral link and your 10% off coupon code which can be used immediately to start earning commissions. 

  • 50% off your first order
  • 25% off all Punkt products for yourself
  • 10% off promo code to be used when promoting Punkt products
  • 10% commission on all transactions completed using the unique discount code or link
  • Advance notice of new product launches
  • Access to exclusive Punkt Tennis marketing assets that you can use to drive sales

  • ----------------------------------------

    Requirements to be approved:
  • Each ambassador applicant MUST purchase at least one product (with a 50% off code) to be approved as an ambassador (hard to be a brand ambassador if you have never purchased our products)
  • Represent our brand values of striving to be different, constantly improving, giving your best, helping others, and caring for the planet.
  • Abide by the ambassador program terms and conditions
  • Promote Punkt Tennis products using your real-life and online communities
  • Use your unique promo code and link when promoting Punkt Tennis. Sales won't be attributed to you if neither are used

  • ----------------------------------------

    Terms and Conditions:
    • Ambassadors will receive a unique ambassador code for use when purchasing Punkt Tennis products for themselves. The ambassador code is not for publication on social media or other channels. 
    • Ambassadors will receive a unique promo code and link for use when promoting Punkt Tennis products online or in person.  
    • Punkt Tennis will be responsible for the calculation and application of discounts and commissions on transactions corresponding with ambassador discount codes. 
    • Punkt Tennis reserves the right to terminate ambassador status should an ambassador act in a way that damages the Punkt Tennis brand or contravenes the Ambassador Program terms and conditions.
    • Punkt Tennis reserves the right to terminate ambassador status should the ambassador engage in illegal acts, online trolling, or anti-social behaviours.  
    • Approved ambassadors will retain ambassador status for a period of 12 months from the date of approval and be renewed for additional 12 months periods or longer at the discretion of Punkt Tennis. 
    • To be eligible to become a Punkt Tennis Ambassador individuals must purchase at least one product using the ambassador program code and complete the Ambassador program application form.  
    • Ambassadors may choose to opt-out of the program at any time of their choosing by emailing help@punkttennis.com and advising they wish to terminate their ambassador status. Ambassador discount codes will be deactivated within 24 hours of this notification being received by Punkt Tennis. 
    • Commissions earned but unpaid during the course of an ambassadorship will be paid within 72 hours of the termination of ambassador status.


    Sales and commission are tracked via a personalized link and promo code that is provided to each ambassador upon approval. We operate on a 28-day cookie window, meaning you will receive credit for the sale up to 28-days after clicking your link. Payouts occur on the first of every month (or the closest business day) via Paypal. The minimum payout amount is $10.


    Monitor your performance data in real-time; we offer online access to traffic and sales statistics- including referrals, conversions, and commissions earned- through our private affiliate portal. 

    (Coming Soon) You'll also gain access to our creative assets page where you will get customized HTML links to embed a variety of banners into your website, blog, or newsletter.  We will offer stock banners in a variety of formats for products, collections, and sales; you will be able to choose the product advertising that best suits your audience. 


    We make it simple- and there is no cost to you. Once your application is approved we’ll send you detailed instructions for getting set up, you’ll be ready to start earning commissions in a matter of minutes!