Frequently Asked Questions

What is "Affiliatly"?
Affiliatly is the program we use to manage our affiliate network and commission tracking system. You'll want to add "" to your safe senders list so that important emails don't get flagged as spam or get tossed aside into your junk folder.

Who's eligible to become an Ambassador ("affiliate")?
Only US-based affiliates (with a valid Social Security Number or Federal Tax ID) are eligible at this time. Our brand positioning is integral to our growth and credibility. Our affiliates are an extension of our brand and we are pleased to reward enthusiastic brand ambassadors for their work on professional home decor and lifestyle blogs, publications, and social media accounts. Therefore, we reserve the right to review, approve, and/or deny any affiliate application that does not meet our brand standards.

How long does it take for my application to be approved?
While approval usually takes less than an hour, it may take a little longer since we may be busy on the production floor. We may also need additional information from you to complete our review. We appreciate your patience. 

What if my application is not approved?
If your initial application is denied, you are welcome to contact us at for additional details. 

How much can I earn for my referrals?
You'll start earnings 6% of total sales. Based on your referral growth, your commission level will be upgraded to earn commissions up to 8% of sales. See the chart below for details:

Ambassadortotal sales amount$06.00%
Advocatetotal sales amount$25007.00%
Championtotal sales amount$50008.00%
How are referrals tracked?
Each affiliate is given custom link and QR codes to embed into their blogs and/or social media posts/stories to complement their promotional messages. These links include code that establishes cookies on that customer's IP address to link their activity (and sales) with your affiliate ID. Cookies are automatically cached (saved) for 10 days after the link is initially initiated so your account will still receive credit even if that customer waits a few days to finalize an order. However, once that 10 days passes or the customer clears their cache on their computer, the referral link would need to be used again to reestablish the tracking data.

What is an order is cancelled that used my referral link?
Sometimes people accidentally submit orders or make mistakes. From time to time, orders may be submitted fraudulently. That's why we give customers a grace period of 3 business days to allow them to contact us to assist them with updating or cancelling their order. Pending the successful completion of this grace period, your account will be credited with the applicable commission earned for that sale.

What if someone places an order with a coupon?
You'll receive your full applicable commission for any sale generated using any discount generally available to the public. We can create a custom coupon code for you to use to help generate sales with your customers. This discount is limited to 10% off and cannot be combined with any other offer or sale (including already reduced sale or clearance items). However, any orders processed using your affiliate coupon code will be limited (capped) in earnings at 4%.

How and when do I get paid?
An Affiliate can request a payment when their balance reaches a minimum balance of $50 USD. Payments can be requested every 30 days. Payment processing can take up to 30 days from the request date. All payouts are paid using PayPal and will only be sent to a PayPal account linked to the same email address associated with your affiliate ID. This transaction may take 3-5 days after the payout has been initiated to be available in your account.  

What if I have additional questions?
We're here to answer them all! Simply email us at or click the "contact support" button at the bottom of this page for assistance and we'll get back to you.

Click to review the Terms of Service for the French Press affiliate program.