Terms of Use and Privacy Statement

Content Creation Agreement
This Content Creation Agreement is entered into between [Contents Hair Care] and Content Creator(referred to as the "Content Creator"). The Brand and Content Creator are collectively referred to as the "Parties."

  • 1. The Content Creator agrees to create original content, including but not limited to written articles, blog posts, social media posts, photographs, videos, and graphics for the Brand. 
    • 1.2 The specific details of the Content, including format OR topic can be discussed in email if the creator has any questions 
  • 2. Ownership and Intellectual Property: 
    • 2.1 The Content Creator acknowledges that all rights, title, and interest in the Content created under this Agreement shall be owned exclusively by the Brand.
      • If creator would like to share content elsewhere, to be discussed by brand and creator 
    •  2.2 The Content Creator hereby assigns and transfers all rights, including copyright, to the Brand for the Content created under this Agreement, and agrees not to use or distribute the Content for any other purpose without prior written consent from the Brand.
  • 3.Compensation: 
    • 3.1 The Brand agrees to pay the Content Creator the agreed-upon fee for each Project, as outlined in the separate project-specific agreement or as agreed in writing or via email
      • Compensation is to be considered either agreed payment, product discounts, or gifted products
      • Affiliate Compensation will paid out upon reaching the minimum amount 
    • 3.2 The payment terms, including invoicing and payment schedule, will be specified in the project-specific agreement or as agreed upon by the Parties in terms, writing or via email.
    • Compensation percentage: 25% of all sales 
    • Payout: reach $60 in sales for compensation payout via PayPal
    • Talent Percentage to share with audience: 15% discount code 
  • 4. Confidentiality: 
    • 4.1 The Content Creator agrees to keep any confidential information provided by the Brand strictly confidential, both during the term of this Agreement and thereafter.
    •  4.2 The Content Creator shall not disclose, share, or use any confidential information, including trade secrets, business plans, or customer information, without the prior written consent of the Brand.
  • 5. Term and Termination: 
    • 5.1 Either Party may terminate this Agreement in the event of a material breach by the other Party, subject to providing written notice and a reasonable opportunity to cure such breach. 
    • 5.2 Upon termination, the Brand shall have the right to use the completed Content for any purpose, and the Content Creator will be charged for the full product cost if content is not created in 21 days from receiving product