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There's a lot of kitchens out there that could use some help reducing their plastic and food waste.  We know that we'd never be able to find them all ourselves. That's why we've set up an affiliate program so that we can work together with our fellow food lovers and waste warriors to get the word out. 

Summary of the Food Huggers® Affiliate Program 

  • Food Huggers offers a 15% commission to our affiliates, and allows you to offer a 10% off coupon to your audience
  • We offer a 30 day cookie (so there's time for them to buy again for friends and family)
  • Food Huggers has more than 1,500 FIVE STAR CUSTOMER REVIEWS! Our products have been featured in Real Simple, Oprah Magazine, Dwell, Fast Company, BuzzFeed and Huffington Post.  Nobody wants to throw groceries in the trash.  
  • We also offer a library of up-to-date banners and creative assets.
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We are an enthusiastic team and ready to support your specific affiliate needs.  Reach out to us and say hello and let us know what will make this affiliate relationship successful for us both. hugs@foodhuggers.com

Adrienne & the Food Huggers Team