The program is closed

Welcome to the ELSE affiliate program!  

Find here a very easy to use platform to allow you to follow in real time your earnings generated by redirection links, and especially voucher codes to launch your campaigns.  

IMPORTANT: redirection links and voucher codes are unique to each affiliate.  

Our affiliate offer can be broken down as follow:
  • For each sale generated on href via voucher codes, you will receive 20% commission calculated on the sale price including VAT (excluding shipping costs). In addition, buyer will get 10% immediate discount.
  • For each sale generated on href via redirection links, we pay 20% commission also calculated on the sale price including VAT and excluding shipping costs. This commission will increase to 25% if you generate more than 20 sales/month.
  • Post-clicks/sales set at 45 days,
  • Unlimited access to banners and redirection links,
  • We will send you additional voucher codes throughout the year and event dates (Black friday, Christmas, Valentine's Day etc),
  • We carry out bank transfers in increments of €50 or more depending on the frequency of the business volume generated,
  • Finally, we remain at your disposal to meet with your needs.

If you need other media and/or formats not available in your account, please do not hesitate to send us an email at
We will do our best to prepare this for you as soon as possible.  

We are happy to count you among our affiliates and remain at your disposal to help you maximise your earnings! :D

Yours sincerely,
The ELSE spirit

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