Bezzie Lashes Ambassador Program


Terms of Use and Privacy Statement

Bezzie Lashes Ambassador Program Agreement

Bezzie Lashes will collaborate with Brand Ambassadors on Bezzie Lashes content and brand awareness campaigns. The Brand Ambassadors image will be featured on social media accounts managed by Bezzie Lashes (i.e. Facebook, Instagram), their website ( and any digital and print materials (banners, flyers and promotional items) used for marketing. 

Occasionally, Bezzie Lashes may repost the Brand Ambassadors photos or social media posts for content use.With this agreement, Brand Ambassadors agree to promote Bezzie Lashes products on their social media account(s).  

  • The @bezzielashes social media account should be tagged when promoting Bezzie Lashes products on platforms such as Facebook and Instagram.  If possible, we ask that you mention the specific product name in your post to make it easier for your followers to locate the product(s) you mention when they visit our Facebook/Instagram Shop or our website
  • Brand Ambassadors should promote and post Bezzie Lashes products at least once per week. Remember, the more you post and share your promo code and direct link, the more opportunity you have to earn commission
Bezzie Ambassador PR Box

Brand Ambassadors will receive a PR box that will contain Bezzie Lashes products to use for content. The Bezzie Lashes team will work with brand ambassadors to select products of their choice.

Commission Tracking

Upon signing the Bezzie Lashes Brand Ambassador Agreement, Brand Ambassadors will be assigned a promo code and direct link to share with their followers to receive a discount of 10% off their purchases. 
Brand Ambassadors will receive login credentials to the Bezzie Lashes Brand Ambassador website to track sales associated with their assigned promo code and direct link.
  • Brand Ambassadors will receive a commission of 15% on all final transaction amounts made with their assigned promo code or direct link beginning the first day through the last day of the current month
    • Example: If you receive sales between January 15th through January 31st, your commission payout the following month will include sales for January 1st - January 31st 
  • Commission disbursements will occur between the 1st and 3rd day of the following month reflecting the previous month's sale
  • Brand Ambassadors must complete their profile registration on the Bezzie Lashes Ambassador Program website in order to receive commission payments
Commission payments are available via Paypal or Zelle.  The platform chosen must be tied to the Brand Ambassador’s name or email address listed on the Bezzie Lashes Ambassador Agreement.  Cash App and Venmo payments will not be offered for payment disbursement.

Agreement Cancellation

This agreement can be cancelled at any time by Bezzie Lashes or the Brand Ambassador.
  • Notice of cancellation must be provided in writing via email from Bezzie Lashes or the Brand Ambassador  
  • Upon receipt of the notice to cancel the agreement, the Brand Ambassador will be unenrolled from the Bezzie Lashes Ambassador Program and their assigned tracking links and promotional codes will be disabled
  • Brand Ambassadors will be provided with a report of all transactions through the date of cancellation
  • Commission will be paid within five (5) business days of the agreement cancellation date

If you have any questions regarding this agreement or the Bezzie Lashes Ambassador Program, please contact us at