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Petal CBD Affiliate Program

Commission Details:
  • Conversion action: Online purchase with processed valid payment
  • Cookie days: 30 days
  • Commission type: Percent of sale
  • Base commission: 20%
  • Payments: 1st of the month (or following business day); $50 min (sales below minimum rollover to next month)

Terms & Conditions:

*You Must Have A Customer Account And Have Purchased Product Before Being Approved As An Affiliate.
*If You Are An Experienced Affiliate Or An Agency of Any Kind, Please Fill Out The Form With Your Traffic & Website Details And We'll Reach Out To You Personally To Discuss The Set Up Of Larger Volume Accounts.

You will be paid 20% of total sales after any discounts used, not including taxes or shipping.  Commissions are approved only after payment has been confirmed and approved.  Any returns or refunds will be deducted from your next sale or held until another sale is made.  Please read the rest of the terms and conditions in our affiliate details below.

*You can be terminated at any time for any reason without any further pay.  

*You are not entitled to anything from Petal Global LLC if for some reason if you are terminated at any time.

*You must maintain at least 2 active customers within the last 90 days to remain an affiliate at any given time.
*Do not create any Petal CBD branded material on your own without permission from a Petal CBD representative.
*Any material or pages or assets that could be confused as Official Petal CBD digital assets are NOT allowed.
*Do not share your link with existing customers from other affiliates.

These guidelines and restrictions are subject to change at anytime without notice.

By clicking submit, you are agreeing to all terms and conditions.

Anything in question, please email to


Team Petal CBD.