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Welcome to our Gorilla Brain ambassador program homepage.

If you are an existing Gorilla Brain ambassador, you can log in below. If you would like to join our ambassador program, please sign up. Signing up is fast and free!

Once you sign up you will get a custom ambassador code that you can share to share earning ambassador commissions with, as well as access to custom ambassador resources and live progress monitoring as your ambassador commissions roll in.  

All ambassadors are initially onboarded at the Micro Influencer level. Should sales remain consistent, we will reach out about our Macro Influencer Program.

Ambassador Programs:

Macro Influencer - Invitation only.
Micro Influencer - Receive 10% back on total revenue generated and give your followers 10% off their purchase with a custom code to be provided upon account approval! Micro Influencers have a monthly purchase requirement should they not bring in at least 5 sales through their outreach/promotion efforts. Micro Influencers are required to post twice monthly in their main feed a photo of themselves with the product, or the solo product with a tag to @gorillabrainculture_. The Micro influencer will also be required to post 3 times throughout the month in their story with a tag to @gorillabrainculture_.