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Terms of Use and Privacy Statement




The commission is paid within the beginning of the second month; the commission percentage does not include returns/refunds, taxes, and logistics fees. Financial transactions covered by this insertion order will be processed in the USD currency. The commission will be paid through PayPal service. 


Bidding on keywords related to Lofree's brand or product collection name is prohibited (ex. Lofree, Lofree Knight Collection). It is strictly forbidden to use the Lofree official logo or other content without authorization and act officially on behalf of Lofree.

Publishers may only use coupons, promotional codes, and marketing materials provided exclusively through the affiliate program. Affiliates can promote Lofree brands through email display banners, YouTube videos, Social media posting, forums & blogs, product review videos, and their own website. 

Registration conditions require an affiliate to be 18 years of age or older, provide the application's information, own a blog and/or social media account. There is no minimum number of fans limitation.

Lofree reserves the right to refuse or delete affiliates that are breaking the hereto service terms or being inactive. Lofree is not to be deemed liable for not processing the payment of affiliates` commission that have not connected their Paypal account to Affiliatly.

These terms and conditions supplement the Terms of Service of Affiliatly.

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