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Terms of Use and Privacy Statement

Code of Conduct

The success of CardoMax (hereinafter referred to as “CardoMax” or “The Company”) is greatly benefited by its brand affiliates – the Ascenders. An Ascender (“you”) have applied to be an Ascender because you believe in CardoMax and want to help support CardoMax’s continuing growth and success into the future. By applying to become an Ascender, you have sought to join a company with a strong reputation in various industries with a strong sense of pride and integrity.

This Code of Conduct (“Code”) has been adopted to promote and build a high standard both professional and personal conduct among the Ascent Affiliate Program. By submitting this application to join Ascent Affiliate Program, you represent and warrant that you have read this Code and agree to be bound by the terms and conditions set forth herein.

The Company requires that all Ascender’s help ensure a friendly work environment of respect and professionalism. As an Ascender you pledge to always being working to Achieve Your Max of professional and personal conduct, strive for personal growth in the dietary supplement industry, support CardoMax’s goals and objectives within the industry, instill in the public and other Ascenders a sense of confidence and commitment to appropriate  conduct and professionalism; uphold all laws and regulations relating to your activities; refrain from using your position to secure special privilege, gain or benefit for yourself; maintain the confidentiality of Company’s trade secrets; use CardoMax’s meetings and events  only for the authorized advertising, marketing and promotion of CardoMax and CardoMax’s products.

Ascenders must conduct themselves in a professional and ethical manner. An Ascenders may not conduct business that is unethical in any way or influence other Ascenders to act unethically. You agree to report any dishonest activities or conduct that violates this Code to the CardoMax, immediately.

CardoMax reserves the right to terminate an Ascender from the Ascent Affiliate Program in the event that CardoMax determines, in its sole discretion, that Ascender has violated any terms and conditions of this Code or otherwise.

By applying for the Ascent Affiliate Program, you acknowledge and agree that you are not an Employee of CardoMax. Ascenders are independent affiliates, and nothing herein creates any agency, joint venture, partnership, or other form of joint enterprise, employment, or fiduciary relationship between CardoMax and Ascender or an employee employer relationship. An Ascender shall be responsible for paying any and all applicable taxes that result from any money or commissions earned or paid to Ascent Affiliate Program. An Ascender has not express or implied right or authority to assume or create any obligations on behalf of, or in the name of, CardoMax or to bind CardoMax to any contract, agreement, or undertaking with any individual, company or third-party.

By applying for the Ascent Affiliate Program, you acknowledge and agree that all Trademarks, names, logos, videos, pictures, descriptions, or otherwise (“Images”) of CardoMax are the sole and exclusive property of CardoMax. You agree to use such Images only as approved by, and at the discretion of CardoMax. All rights and goodwill associated with such Images are the exclusive property of CardoMax and shall transfer to CardoMax with no further actions necessary on the part of Ascender or CardoMax.
No waiver by CardoMax of any breach of any of the terms and conditions set forth in this Code shall be construed as a waiver of any succeeding breach of the same or any other terms and conditions set forth herein.

CardoMax reserves the right to update this Code at any time and such updates will be posted on the Ascent Affiliate Program website under the Code tab.

Please report any activities in violation of this Code of Conduct to the 

By submitting this application, you acknowledge and agree that you have read, understand, and agree to be bound by the terms and conditions set forth in this Code.

Welcome to the Team! “Achieve Your MAX”

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